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3d art

4/01/22 - 5:00 PM EST
Lounge Lovers | 3d nfts

There will be 4 more exclusive sets to follow, each drop of 20 will include a unique theme that will serve as it’s own set of utilities for the Lounge Lovers Community! Legendary owners will also have access to free airdrops, raffles for cash rewards & VIP tickets for music festivals! They will also receive bonus rewards for our Lounge Lovers ecosystem $LUV token.

Most Important, 

These 20 Legendary NFT owners will have access to their own Exclusive Characters in our upcoming Play2Earn game, Lounge League! 

Each Legendary Drop of 20 that follows, 20 more unique characters will also be available in our Play2Earn game for their owner to claim!


Welcome to the Lounge Lovers crew. A group of 10,000 confident, sexy, eloquent, intelligent women with the some of the grooviest most dope men on a mission to rock the world by their music and inspire people for generations to come. They are legends in the making.

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