Lounge Lovers Whitepaper



Lounge Lovers is just the first artwork we plan to release in our collection. Our project is very art driven and we plan to collaborate with other projects to incorporate our “neon-noir aesthetic” lounge lovers x style. 


We are currently talking to a big clothing company located in the United States to design and manufacture our merchandise. Each collection will remain in Limited Editions exclusive for Lounge Lovers holders You will be able to purchase mechandise using $Luv Token.

Liquidy Pool

Our Liquidity Pool and token $Luv will be going live in April 2022. $50,000 will be initially added with 25% of all royalties being added at the end of each month. We will continue to put the 25% of royalties back into the Liquidity Pool for the remainder of time.

Mutants & Serum

In June 2022 we will be releasing our Magic Luv Serum & our Psychedelic Lovers Collection. Holders will be granted free serum for the Psychedelic Lovers Collection.

Free Mint Pass

Lounge Lover holders will be eligible for our free mint passes. For each future release we will be have Free Mint Passes which will be randomly distributed to different holders. Not every holder will receive a mint pass for each project.

Chairty Events

Giving back to the world is a core value of our team and project. We are firm believers we are all brought into the world the make it a better place than when we arrived. We will continue our charity efforts and love to hear where you think our next charity donation should be made to!


Within our discord we have multiple rankings granted by how many Lounge Lovers are owned. -Verified Lover: 1-4 Lounge Lovers -Super Lover: 5-9 Lounge Lovers -Golden Lover: 10-14 Lounge Lovers -King Lover: 15+ Lounge Lovers.

Real Life Events

We will be hosting events at music venues and festivals and will have a certain amount of free tickets eligible to be claimed by holders. We will also have a general release sale as these events! Our holders will all be our VIP guests of the night! From Miami to Belgium who knows where the Lounge Lovers may end up!

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